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3D Dental

3D Dental Mimic Alginate Impression Material

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3D Dental's cost effective Mimic Alginate Material features fixed and removable prosthetics and total prosthodontics. Our Alginate Material is easy to mix, has adequate flow properties, is nontoxic or irritating, while maintaining sufficient strength to avoid tearing while removing from the mouth.  As well as offering dimensional stability, our Mimic Alginate Material comes as an extra fine powder with a mint scent. These are packaged in a trilaminated metallic bag to ensure the stability of the material. 

  • Available in Fast Set and Regular Set
  • It has fantastic physical qualities, fluency and consistency. Featuring consistent dimensional stability and remarkable compatibility with filling materials.
  • Great flow properties while maintaining sufficient strength to avoid tearing.
  • Dustless
  • Easy to mix
  • Mint Scent