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3M 9913 GP1 Disposable Cupped Respirator Mask

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The 3M Disposable Respirator 9913 GP1 provides lightweight, comfortable respiratory protection against dust and mists. It also provides additional relief from low vapor pressure organic vapors (eg agricultural chemical sprays) and nuisance levels* of organic vapors.

Product Features:
  • GP1 rated filter to AS/NZS1716.
  • Lightweight construction promotes greater comfort and contributes to increased wear time.
  • The cupped shape, twin strap design and adjustable steel nose clip provides a custom fit with fewer pressure points and a secure face seal over a range of face sizes.
  • Braided headband for comfort and durability.
  • For use against mechanically generated particulates.
  • "G" rated for low vapors pressure organic vapors - e.g. many agricultural
  • chemicals.
P1 Filters are intended for use against mechanically generated particulates such as those generated from sanding, grinding, drilling, sweeping, etc.

P2 Filters are intended for use against both mechanically and thermally generated particulates e.g welding, brazing, etc. P2 filters may also help reduce breathing in pathogenic biological airborne particulates such as influenza virus.

Type G Filters are intended for use against organic compounds with low vapor pressure i.e. less than 1.3Pa (0.01mm Hg)