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Silmet ProFil Unidose Hybrid Composite .315gm

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ProFil™, is a micro hybrid composite material with advanced Nano Technology, for use in both anterior and posterior restorations. ProFil™ composite resin is the perfect combination of simplicity and exceptional esthetics. It is designed to minimize polymerization shrinkage by high density inorganic fillers loading, thus shows excellent marginal sealing and surface texture. Features Micro Hybrid composite resin, latest in Nano technology

Contains - 20 .315gm compules


  • High polishability
  • Non sticky formula
  • Optimal balance of physical properties
  • Light cured, radiopaque & color stable
  • Low polymerization shrinkage
  • Fast placement technique, easy to apply & sculpt
  • High strength & wear resistance
  • Available in over 10 shades


  • Class I - V restorations on posteriors & anteriors
  • Veneering of discolored anteriors
  • Splinting of loose teeth
  • Reconstruction of traumatically affected anteriors
  • Anchoring of orthodontic appliances

Physical Properties

  • ProFil™, a micro hybrid composite has outstanding physical properties that provide excellent wear resistance
  • Sensitivity to ambient light Above 100 sec
  • Weight of total inorganic filler 78%
  • Volume of total inorganic filler 59%
  • Depth of cure > 1.5 mm
  • Compressive strength > 230 MPa
  • Flexural Strength > 120MPa
  • Water Absorption < 40 µg / Щ
  • Solubility < 7.5 µg / Щ

ProFil™ composite compules Equivalent to

  • Dentsply's TPH3
  • Kerr's Point 4
  • 3M's Filtek z250 z100 Universal Dental Restorative Material
  • Kerr XRV Unidose